Characteristics of Excellent Organisations (2)

In my earlier post on this topic I identified the first key characteristic of an excellent organisation, “Developing, Delivering and Maintaining a Stakeholder focused Strategy”.   In this post I want to write a few words about the 2nd key characteristic, “Focusing on effective Performance Management”.

The really excellent organisations spend time firstly in identifying and putting in place the right measures – both indicator and outcome ones, and measurement systems that will help them to monitor and manage their progress towards, and achievement of their stakeholder focused goals and objectives.  Not only that, but they ensure clear accountability within the organisation for performance,  accurate and timely measurement, and regular and effective performance reviews. They use all this to drive through real performance related improvement activity as needed, based on internal and external learning, creativity and innovation.  Indeed they are obsessive about it, with managers spending a high proportion of their time working together in a collaborative way managing performance. These managers are not only committed to this activity but receive high quality training and development designed to specifically maximise their performance management competencies.

Is this how it works in your organisation, or is “performance management” more about make assumptions on the reasons why performance is as it is, finding out who to blame when performance ‘goes down’, assuming the right measures are in place, and so on?

For any of my readers interested in the topic of effective performance management, and would like to learn more, please contact me on my email,, and I would be delighted to send you free of charge a comprehensive 6-part handbook on how to establish and manage an effective performance management system.