Questions, questions, questions…..twelve in total

I was recently asked by a reader of my blog where he should start in terms of excellence in his organisation.  He’d bought into my suggested definition of excellence and liked the 3S Model of Performance Excellence© but was struggling a bit in terms of ‘getting going’.  Following discussion I drew up a list of twelve initial, closed (yes/no answer) questions that he and his colleagues could ask of their organisation.  He was kind enough to say they were really helpful, so on the basis that they might be useful to others I have reproduced them below.  The questions roughly follow an order, in other words if you answer ‘No” to question 1 it’s hardly worth asking the remainder, and so on. The more challenging questions come towards the end. Where you answer “No”  you may need some help in identifying what to do.  Contact me ( and I should be able to help you.  Where you answer “Yes” to a question then this leads to supplementary questions designed to focus down onto where your organisation is performing well and where more or better attention is required.  Again contact me if you need help.

Twelve initial questions to ask ourselves about our organisation:

  1. Do we know who our existing stakeholders are?
  2. Do we know what our existing stakeholders expectations are?
  3. Do we have a strategy to deliver existing stakeholder expectations?
  4. Do we measure our current performance in terms of our existing stakeholders expectations?
  5. Do we measure our existing stakeholders perceptions of how well their expectations are being delivered?
  6. Do we understand what causes the performance we are achieving and the perceptions of our stakeholders?
  7. Do we know who our potential future (short, medium and long term where relevant) stakeholders are/will be?
  8. Do we know what our potential future stakeholders expectations are likely to be?
  9. Do we have a strategy to create and/or deliver potential future stakeholders expectations?
  10. Do we have a strategy to measure our performance and the perceptions of our stakeholders in the future?
  11. Do we compare our performance and the perceptions of our stakeholders with those of other organisations?
  12. Do we understand what we need to do to sustain superior performance and stakeholders perceptions in the future?